Monday, December 1, 2008


The objects above are candied yams. The goo between them is made of brown sugar and butter. This is one of the great contributions made by the early settlers to this country - the knowledge that butter and brown sugar make things better, no matter what we're talking about. Potatoes? Yes. Makes them better. Pancakes? Yes. Makes them better. Car trouble? Try a mouthful of these candied yams and you'll forget you have a car. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, and your insulin levels are returning to normal.
Love from Wilson World,


doggans said...

My Thanksgiving was indeed wonderful, thanks for your concern!

Also, I am quite looking forward to finally getting the chance to see you perform live in Philly this week! Should be a highlight in the midst of all this studying-for-finals and whatnot.

DropEdge said...

I must agree. I like to call sweet potatoes and yams "that candy that grows in the ground."