Monday, December 29, 2008


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is north of an imaginary line, above which human beings should not live. I worked there the week before Christmas, at the largest mall in the world, trying to find an empty table at the world's busiest food court, and telling jokes to Christmas parties full of festive nice people celebrating Christmastime, and drunken morons celebrating the ice road truckers that drove the booze up that far. The photo above isn't noteworthy except for the guys ahead of me. Folks, it was 37 below zero. Those guys were not dressed for the weather. A hoodie and a T-shirt? Wow. After taking this photo I ran into the "Fantasy Grill" and fantasized that I was eating in a city that was warm. 

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Tyler said...

Tom - HUGE fan, I'm probably one of the only nerds that knows you were in that "Wing Commander" Game. I'm a fellow actor,artist,comedian. I totally feel where you're coming from on the Edmonton thing. I was just there a couple weeks ago playing at the River Cree with my U2 cover band, "Rattle and Hum". RIDICULOUS cold! Keep doing what you're doing, man. You're Awesome.