Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Is there anything more beautiful than a mother and daughter playing music together? Sight and sound, emotion and thrill, passion and history, warmth and love. It's very deep music, with far more to it than what we can hear. It made for a beautiful afternoon, and one day I look forward to a duet with my son. I'll hum into a comb and waxed paper, and he can bang on a coffee can. Sure, a little different than two talented pianists, but we'll have pizza afterward, which will almost make up for the lack of musical chops. I just got back from Detroit and a weekend of fun shows. The highlight of the trip was a wonderful time with an old friend, walking together and having a cheeseburger for lunch, which almost made up for the lack of musical chops.

Friday, April 11, 2008


A while ago, I wrote about losing a lot of my paintings when the Riley Arts Gallery in Manhattan Beach was completely destroyed in a fire. It was hard to lose so much work, and for a while I've been spinning my wheels, staring at blank canvases, starting a few paintings only to scrape them off or leave them half finished to paint over with white and start a different painting later. But I'm happy with this painting. It's about finished, and is 54x54". "Squadron" is its title, and before I sell it I think I'll hang it up in the house and look at it for a while.