Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sister Corita!

Sister Corita Kent was a Nun in California in the sixties, and I was a boy in Catholic school in Philadelphia in the sixties, so I experienced the passion, and vibrancy, and color, and innovation of that time while wearing a suit and tie, taught by young Nuns, many of whom were exploding with the thrill and wonder of the kind of work that Sister Corita was creating - color splashed posters with lots of poetry and flower power. I saw an exhibition of Sister Corita's work yesterday and was transported back to that time, when Op art and Pop art and poetry were presented to kids as a completely rational and beautiful reaction to a time of great upheaval and fear. I'm really glad that in the fourth grade Sister Ruth had us making colorful collages about war, and joy, and Warhol soup cans, and I'm proud of the day that my grandfather put Pop art daisy stickers on the back of his car.
Thanks, Sister Corita,
Love from Wilson World,