Monday, August 26, 2013


The sky in New Mexico is better than any movie I have ever seen.

Now, I can sit and ponder while looking at the world outside a hotel room window for hours. Where is
that tiny pedestrian going? How does that woman keep reading that book when those guys are playing frisbee in the grass right next to her? Is that the corner of a Panera behind that abandoned shoe place? But I barely had time to pay attention to tiny pedestrians before the sun had set because I was staring at the sky all day long. Thanks to Presbyterian Hospital and the people who were so kind to me, and
for helping me to spell Albuquerque. They use Q's a lot in new Mexico. I went to a restaurant called "Forque." "Quercue!" "ABQ!" I met a guy named Kevin who spells it Quevin. They love Q's, that's my point. Oh, and the sky.

Love from Wilson World,

Friday, August 23, 2013

Travis Clark!

I had a great conversation with Travis Clark, my old friend from the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. We were friends at the Comedy Store when Travis was ten years old. His Dad is Blake Clark, the comedian and actor best known for his appearances on earlier episodes of Big Pop Fun the podcast, and also Adam Sandler movies and many HBO specials and a lengthy time spent in Viet Nam but not as a tourist. Travis and I talk about a life in the arts and I enjoyed it, and I hope you do too.