Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Relient K!

What a blast I had on The Tonight Show with the band Relient K the other night - replaying this Christmas night, so check it out! - They emailed me and invited me to play with them on Jay's show, and it was one of the highlights of my life as a performer. We got to the studio early to rehearse, and it was great to have lunch with a bunch of great guys who are tremendous musicians, and I was thrilled just to be able to keep up with them on the guitar. I'm getting emails from all over asking if that was me playing with Relient K from confused people who don't really get it. Well, I get it, Relient K gets it, and a very Merry Christmas to everyone!


lexidoodleellis said...


it was really fun seeing you on the show with relient k.

i am sure they were quite excited to get to hang out with the one and only tom wilson.


erin. said...

i missed this, but saw it on youtube. you guys did a great job! favorite band AND biff/coach fredricks all on one stage -- how cool! :)

God bless!

Miguel said...

Does anyone have the youtube link? I'd love to see this!

Jayson said...


you ROCK!!! I still can't get over how amazing of an actor you are. Plus your musical talent and writing skills are superb. Your Question Song is hilarious. Keep on Rockin!!!