Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Notes on America

Good news, my friends! My daughter is taking AP U.S. history in an academically challenging high school, where the teacher allows ONE index card to be used for notes, and prohibits the use of a magnifying glass. This is the card that our in-house genius wrote for herself. It's even color coded with tiny highlights. She will certainly get an "A," but the really good news is...I don't have to take a history final and make notes like that! Isn't that great?! Never again in my life! For example - if a history teacher asked me what events precluded Washington's attack at Trenton, I could just say "Would you like a Popsicle?" Yeah! That's good news.
Love from Wilson World,


Ginger said...

Open book test? That's awesome! That is a terrific 'cheat sheet' she constructed. I hope she didn't miss anything in the last 6 months, lol. Yes, our school days are long over, thank goodness! :P

Kristen said...

That's a nice teacher! The AP History teacher I work with (and share 70 students with) doesn't let our kids do that on their tests. However, he DID just fly with 7 teens from CA to Washington D.C. for the inauguration festivities...and managed to get all home safely with his sanity intact. He's all right in their book.

Good luck to your daughter! Those tests are very challenging!

The IT Pal said...

Hello, Tom!

First of all, I´m so glad that I found your blog. I was browsing your homepage and there it is!
I know that this comment has nothing to do with your post, but let me say that I became a big fan of yours! Not only because of "that" movie, but I think you are hilarious. Love your songs! Keep up the good work!
Oh, and about the card... I don´t know. Aren´t you supposed to study and pass? I mean, this teacher can really make hard questions if you are allowed to have this card. Anyway, I hope it works!

Here´s a big hello from Brazil!
From your fan,

Laura said...

She is, obviously, so well-prepared. My son is a senior (he took AP US History last year). What he/we have learned in 3 and a half years of high school is that it's preparation that count--which means every student can succeed. (By the way, this time next year you all will be waiting to hear from colleges. How time flies.)
Thanks for you blog, and in your quiet, bored moments please visit mine.

Anonymous said...

Hmm ... I'm thinking that the "art of the note card" is in the Wilson bloodline. I remember a certain Radnor Debater/Delegate who knew how to fact pack a 3x5 card! :-)
(Very nice to happen upon your blog and have a small peek into your life. Wishing you continued success and happiness, Judi).