Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pretty Good Morning, America

Just back from New York City, where I appeared on "averyspecial" Oscar weekend Good Morning America. When I'm on shows, I like them to be promoted as "averyspecial" whatever. (deep announcer voice) "Next...on averyspecial Blossom..." The crew on GMA were nice, and the view from the studio windows is incredible! Million square foot flashing billboards, and crazy people mumbling to themselves! Times Square has come so far from the pit of vice and degradation it was when I lived there. Okay, just kidding, it's the same. 
The same retail experience, too! The mumbling, apathetic girl at Modell's sporting goods made no eye contact and threw my bag of overpriced junk back at me without taking off the anti-theft device, so I had to damage the shirt back here in California. Thanks Radyka! Thanks Modell's!
I did take a walk up to the Upper West Side, and my old neighborhood. The pizza place is gone now, but they're still calling it 74th Street, so some things never change.
Love from Wilson World,


April Danette said...

I saw you on GMA - you were great! I laughed my head off, ok not quite, but I was laughing hard enough I had to stop putting on my make-up. :p What a nice way to start the day.

Miguel said...

The NYC Taxicab Authority should disable the horns on every single taxi it licenses. I swear, the horn honking alone makes me never want to visit NYC again.

Anonymous said...

stinkin Radyka!

Miguel said...

Tom, I recently re-watched a classic. No, not the one you're thinking of. I mean the original Rocky.

You were still an impressionable teen in 1976 when Rocky was released.

I remember visiting Phila. and running up the same art museum steps! Running through the Italian Market! Wow, there was I-95!

Did you ever do any of that, Tom?

Patrick said...

I resemble your comment, Mr. Large Funny Blog Man.

Approve this comment, blog offer!

- Radyka

Funfurrlander said...

I have never been there NYC and maybe sometime I will. I like pizza so that is one thing I would be doing is eating. and I will not be needing any sporting items from Modell's I will go to Wal-Mart for my shotguns.. even if I don't hunt animals. see ya!

Patrick said...

I mean blog author.
- Radyka

Ginger said...

That's NYC for ya, vibrant, nutty, rude and crude...but all in all, a whole lotta fun. Still, I can't stay in Times Square too long, it starts to feel surreal and I get lightheaded and dizzy...Brooklyn's my City! :)