Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Omaha, Nebraska!

I had a great time in Omaha, performing shows to people as they peeled yams and stewed cranberries to get ready for Thanksgiving, occasionally looking up to smile approvingly and chuckle near the pile of corn husks. I did lots of interviews on Omaha radio stations, but had the best time on the "Todd and Tyler" show, telling stories and having fun. I told a story about Tony Danza punching a guy at the Comedy Store in Hollywood a long time ago, and they got Tony Danza on the phone to confirm it. Apparently, Tony was carousing a bit back then, and the faces and places of punched guys have blended into a collage of wonderful memories for him. I was able to confirm it for him, because I was there. "Who's the Boss?" You, Tony. You're the boss. Anybody who goes from punching guys in nightclubs to hosting a daytime talk show where you tap dance and play the trumpet really badly deserves a lot of respect. Way to go!
Love from Wilson World,


Anonymous said...

Tom, I am so Disappointed!!
No mention of meeting Jesus while in Omaha?
Thanks For A Great Show!

Kelley Bright Leidenthal said...

I went to school (UCI) with Maize for a year before moving out to Nebraska (where I too found Jesus). I heard you on the radio talking about Tony Danza which is funny because I don't listen to that station very often. The world is so small!
I was just cruising through your blog after I read Maize's blog on Biff.
Keep trucking. If you come back to Nebraska soon, let me know. I will totally come out to see you.
Keep trucking,