Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cincinnati and Chicago!

Cincinnati and Chicago from Tom Wilson on Vimeo.


Luke E. Wilson said...

Onkel, these videos are...well, i can't think of the proper adjective. They're just awesome, and they need some darn recognition. They're hilarious and creative, and they just keep getting better. I guess i CAN think of proper adjectives. Just don't pull a J.D. Salinger, though. And make it your own, original thing. Keep it a one-man show. (Yeah, i had to look up that author's name.)

Linda said...

Wasn't that the fountain from WKRP?

If you were in Chicago, did you hit Wrigley Field?? That would be the ultimate journey for me. (Cubs are supposed to win the WS in 2015, remember!)

And I still adore Mr. Blue. I'm glad you two are back on speaking terms!

Mike S. said...

I have not laughed this long or hard at anything in a long while.

Thank you so much. You are amazing and funny and brilliant.

Mike S. in Chicago

Eyz said...

Greatest tour of Chicago I've eve rseen!
Love your videos!