Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rock and Relient K

Back from Kansas City, where the shows were great, and the camera went missing, so I'm using Mac's photobooth for pics now. We heard, saw, hung with, and wonderfully experienced the band Relient K last night in a hot, thumping club in Pomona, California. The music was fantastic, the guys were superb as always, and we even had some good barbecue before the show. Yes, I had to come back from KC to Pomona for some barbecue. After some BBQ and rockin', I'm headed to Calgary, Canada, to perform for a large group of Canadians in the town where I once performed a rock version of "Home On The Range" for a giant crowd of cowboys at the Calgary Stampede rodeo.
No kidding, I have had quite an adventure.
Love from Wilson World,


dgao said...

Hey Mr. Wilson,

Just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to take a photo after the show. I was that asian guy who probably appeared all nervous and flustered.
But yeah, it really was a surreal experience for me, as the BTTF series is probably my favorite trilogy of all time. And it is also cool that you appreciate the relient k guys too.


PeteR said...

Were you at Joey's BBQ by chance? We're 10 minutes from Pomona, you should have stopped by. Surely you remember me... we shared the stage together. I played "Stinky" to your Cowboy Tommy once at the Brea Improv in the early 90s. And my wife ran into you once at SCRC about 10 years ago. Good times.

Anyway, we're big fans. We have December 3rd marked on our calendar for the Ontario Improv.

Tom Wilson said...

I do believe it was Joey's! See you soon-ish!

Jeffrey Dean Root said...

I just wanted to be able to say that I wrote a message on Tom Wilson's blog. You will always be a movie star to everyone in my family! Maybe one day I will get a chance to see one of your comedy shows. Who knew Tom Wilson was a painter too? Good job man.

Anonymous said...

And a great show in Kansas City it was!