Monday, May 18, 2009


Most comedy clubs across the country are lined with old headshots of comedians who've performed there over the years, an increasingly humiliating collection of youth and foolishness. There is a grinning, over-eager shot of me in the entryway of the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood that people still guffaw over, making sure to mention it the next time they see me. "What were you...thirteen years old?!" Yes, I was, thirteen. And a bad person with a gun forced me to wear that shirt, too.
I stopped in my tracks when I came upon the two guys above. Yes, that's Bill Hicks, and he's wearing a "Member's Only" jacket. Sorry, "trenchcoat mafia," Bill owned that jacket and wore it, before he took up chain smoking and speaking truth to power. In nightclubs where he got paid. Bill was a friend of mine a long time ago, and he's no longer here. Steve Oedekerk is here, though, and making many, many movies. I actually took that photograph of Steve, back when nobody had the money to pay photographers for pictures of themselves. We took it in my yard.
Just a little cloud of memories, as I stare at the wall between shows.
Love from Wilson World,


Knot said...

Wilson World makes me feel good. Thanks for writing.

Charlie Hills said...

I somewhat recently came across your "Daughter Song" and "Biff's Question Song" on youtube. Both are brilliant and I felt compelled to stop by and say so. (I also felt compelled to share them with my own blog readers on today's post.)

So here's a simple thank you for continuing to share your talents. My twelve year old daughter loves BTTF, Spongebob, and even got a kick out of your appearance on Zoey 101. Keep it up, Mr. Wilson!

madmravyn said...

Bill Hicks was the man. He's the only man I would have ever considered having babies with.

Hellz yeah!

Mushroomalien said...

What do you think about the Bill Hicks doc that came out recently?