Monday, October 20, 2008


What an interesting time I had in Phoenix! I went to a coffee house concert, and watched some singer/songwriters angrily wail about America, and pain, and the horrible people in America who cause all the pain (none of them were in the room, I guess they were talking about "other" people). They were bathed clean, with fresh clothing and guitars that cost them - or the parents they ridicule in their songs - a couple of thousand dollars, while behind them were some paintings that condensed the evening more than any song about how messed up their family is, or America. A child, snide and petulant with a crash helmet, next to the only hope we seem to have - a colorful, yet phony superhero.
I'm working on my singer/songwriter album right now. "The Mirror Into Which I Look" is what I'm thinking about calling it. I'll take the cover photo as soon as I can find some good train tracks near my house. Some songs I'm really excited about:
1) Thanks for the guitar, Dad, you capitalist pig
2) There is no "I" in team, so I'm not on one
3) Blah Blah Blah, when do I get to talk?
4) Sunshine on my shoulders makes my black leather jacket hot
5) Aren't they stupid? (not us)

Love from Wilson World,


onathan Schneck said...
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Jonathan Schneck said...

Tears always make my coffee taste salty. I'm off to write that hit song, alone in my principles... Wish me luck.


Greg Willits said...

And don't forget the classic: "I asked for some money and my dad subjected me to forced labor by telling me to mow the lawn."