Saturday, September 27, 2008

Third Day!

I met the members of the band "Third Day" a while ago, and they're great guys who've always given us a warm welcome to their fabulous shows. Last night we went to see them in a giant amphitheater, along with Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, and the incredible Robert Randolph and his Family Band. It was an amazing concert, and we had a great time, singing and dancing and adjusting our protective earplugs, since we were in the tenth row and every beat of the drum actually felt like a CPR heart massage.
Thanks to Dave, Nathan, Mac, and all the really fabulous guys from Third Day for  wonderful night, and if you haven't heard of him, go find Robert Randolph and His Family Band on itunes. Whoop-dee-do that's good stuff.

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Tim Rhodes said...

First of all.. I'm a HUGE fan. Acting, comedy, and so on.

(sorry, I always feel awkward posting stuff like that)

I too attended the show (when they were in Atlanta) and LOVED it. I was especially impressed with RR and the Family Band! Although one of my favorite bands is Switchfoot, I felt that talent-wise, RR could play circles around them. :-)