Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Song of the Lark

This painting, "The Song of the Lark" is so beautiful that the great novelist Willa Cather wrote a book inspired by this farm girl singing a song at sunset. It hangs in a little corner of the museum, dwarfed by giant paintings of mythic figures and rich snobs, quietly supreme in its peaceful subtlety. Of course, if this farm girl lived today, her friends would convince her to wear a glittery halter top and audition for 'American Idol." 
Maybe it's better to stand in a field and sing a song to yourself as a bird flies overhead at sunset. 


Anonymous said...

Really cool painting, but what's wrong with paintings of mythic figures and rich 'snobs'?

Tom Wilson said...

Mostly, they're repetitive and boring.

Gracie said...

I really like this painting!!!