Monday, July 14, 2008

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Back from a week in my hometown, the cradle of liberty and home of cheesesteaks, the Phillies, and Jack Klugman. Is that a trifecta of winners or what? It was a fabulous week, with a tough Phillies loss to the Mets at the stadium that overlooks New Jersey, a family meal in the middle of the Reading Terminal market downtown, and many drives through the golden fields of Valley Forge National Park, where deer and foxes roam amidst the hiking scouts, and statues of George Washington outnumber mountain bikers with those water bottle backpacks that make it look like they have a straw sticking out of their neck.
I grew up in a beautiful part of the country, and it's always nice to be reminded of it, as corn grows "knee high by the fourth of july" out on Amish farms worked by teams of horses, and you're still a couple of hours away from Ocean City, New Jersey, where we ate waffles and ice cream in a warm summer rain. 
Happy summer to you, the Amish, and Jack Klugman.
Love from Wilson World,


Anonymous said...

i liked this one.

probably one of my favorites


Pat McMicheal said...

Tom, I was first delighted to learn that you are an ARTIST (like me), But now I am further delighted to hear that you are also from MY area of the country! (Phila/South Jersey). I just discovered your blog and although it is Quite entertaining, I really wanted to see more paintings and drawings!
I enjoy all your creative works!