Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Des Moines, Iowa!

Iowa offers so much to the curious traveler: Sweet corn, a brand new shopping mall, and tornado warnings as weather races across the country faster than you can say "Corn and a mall?"
I had a great week in Des Moines, and thanks to everyone who made it great. Here's Iowa in a nutshell: I was a guest on KGGO radio two mornings in a row, and told them that I had never had Iowa sweet corn on the cob. Heather from the station came out to the club on Saturday night to bring me six ears of corn, cooked to perfection, just to make sure I tasted the best corn on earth. Iowa corn. I ate three ears of delicious corn, and put the rest in my back pocket to hand out during my show, not realizing how uncomfortable it is to hold three hot ears of corn in your back pocket while doing a show. I brought out the corn later in the show expecting a surprised laugh, and only got smiles of recognition. Of course! Who doesn't go around with a few hot ears of corn in their back pocket? It's Iowa!

Love from Wilson World,

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