Thursday, March 6, 2008

Raleigh, North Carolina!

Just back from North Carolina and had a fabulous time with friends, one of whom is the Assistant Attorney General of North Carolina. Unfortunately, I didn't get any traffic tickets or entangled in a huge zoning battle while I was there, so I didn't get to use my powerful connections at all. They took me to "Cooper's" for some great "Eastern North Carolina" barbecue (there is a difference), and we had a wonderful time, hanging out and enjoying the first hints of spring on a perfect day. In Raleigh they have this cart at the hotel that serves free shampoo, soap, and pens, too. There was a broom and some dirty towels on it, but I didn't want any of them. As far as shampoo in tiny bottles, though? I'm taken care of.


CFBC said...


What a great show at Goodnights! I think the way you opened the show was priceless. I know I haven't laughed so hard in years. Hope to see you in town again soon.

Andy said...

I had a hell of a time at the show at Goodnights. I enjoyed the serenading I received at the beginning of the show and the head rubbing was... well, a little weird, but the comedy was great. My girlfriend was pretty pissed at me that night and your show put a smile on her face, which meant the mouth part of it wasn't yelling at me and for that I'm forever grateful.
Hope to see ya in town again soon!

Anonymous said...

Didnt see the show however can relate to the trolley full of goodies..

Was in Dubai, UAE with work(Aussie Navy) and on a 6 day R and R from the ship went and got a swanky hotel(thank you Ryges Dubai!). Paper was delivered to my door at 4am with a knock so got up and went out to get the paper then.....CLICK! Door closed and I was in the birthday suit...tre embarrassed!

Feeling moderately vulnerable, naked and in a muslim country(they frown on nudity)I was in a panicked state. Saw aforementioned you know that half a dozen shower caps render your private parts invisible when used as underwear...I then bimbled down to the counter sporting the latest in before 6am swimwear and retrieved my spare key, apologizing profusely to the staff.

I did also grab some toiletries on the way

All aside - I have got no work done since reading the blogs...bring the rain "down under" - I am sure we could show you some aussie hospitality(and an abundance of toiletry carts of your choosing....)


Rob Forsyth