Thursday, August 11, 2011


I'm back from Philadelphia, and the AAA baseball game between the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, and the Buffalo Bison at Coca-Cola park. Coke is, as you know, the real thing. Coke adds life. Coke...well, I don't know what their latest world refreshment domination PR line is, but cold Coke at a baseball game is good. Hey, the Iron Pigs lost the game, but any park named after Coke, and serving freshly shucked corn on the cob is way closer to heaven than that place in Iowa where you talk to Ray Liotta and have a catch with your Dad. I never had a catch with my Dad, but we still got along well. He was raised in an orphanage during the depression, so he didn't have things like baseball mitts or, for example, food. So, here's to celebrating my own gluttony by using my Dad's poverty in the 1930's as an excuse. That one's for you, Dad!

Love from Wilson World,



Kyle said... watching you and Bill Whittle on Politics and Poker...great it 2012 yet??

Anonymous said...

As a Lehigh Valley resident (currently in exile [for grad school] in Irvine, CA), it brings me great pride to know that you visited lovely (okay, maybe "mostly presentable" is a more accurate term than "lovely", but still...) Allentown.

Mushroomalien said...

Hey man saw you in Harry's Law right on!

Anonymous said...

I am missing my posts from Wilson-world. Hope you are enjoying life and travels.

leetenant said...

I live in the Lehigh Valley, but I grew up in Staten Island so naturally I enjoyed seeing the Scranton Yankees whoop the Pigs last Saturday. You should come out to another game and sing the national anthem.

I started listening to your podcast it's very entertaining! Keep it going. I also enjoy M.A.T.E.S. and The Jerky Boys podcast.

Thank you!