Thursday, August 26, 2010

Voice Over!

Tom Wilson - Voice Over from Tom Wilson on Vimeo.

More Wilson World adventures, featuring Ted Ericksson.


Cyndi B. said...

Very funny...great lunchtime entertainment!

VoyagerG said...

This was fantastic and so funny. Great to see inside the studio and get a glimpse of the crazy voice over work. I love your characters on Spongebob, and trying to filter out which one is 'Tom.' I especially loved the episode 'Shell of a man' with you as Mutton chop. 'These sideburns are fake!' hahahaha.

Eyz said...

Fantastic video! It's great to be able to have a little sight on what goes behind cartoons. Voice acting seems like such an interesting and incredible work^^

Tom Wilson, you rock man!
Too bad they didn't (try to) get you for that Back to the Future video game... The guy who voices Biff & co didn't really get the characters right nor justice in my opinion..

BassManNV said...

Love it.

BassManNV said...

Love it... Hey Tom. Quick questions.

Did you edit that?

How can one get into the voice acting gig? I happen to think I could do some of that jazz.

Timothy Mochiduki said...

Hello, I'm "Timothy Mochiduki"
Nice to meet you. :)
Your country's culture's so AMAZIN' when I saw the doll! :o
Our country's culture's CUTE(Cartoons).
Someday, I'll introduce Japanese cartoons to you.
Good bye, Sir. :)