Thursday, October 4, 2007

Being alive

Last night I performed at a benefit for breast cancer research at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California - My favorite club filled with my favorite people. The crowd was full of breast cancer survivors, doctors, nurses, lots and lots of women who have been through a lot, and the caring people who have watched them go through it. My point? These people went crazy with a kind of laughter that approached insane hysteria. It was a deafening roar of release and joy. I just wondered - does it take that kind of horrifying trip to the edge of the abyss in order to finally really let loose and laugh hysterically, seemingly without a care in the world? It was a beautiful night, and I was glad to be onstage in front of so many crazy people, as we celebrated life, and thumbed our nose at the alternative.


joliecat said...

Hi Tom,
That sounds like it was so much fun and so helpful. Part of why I love October so much is the health awareness. The cooler weather and the start of the "holiday quarter" of the year also help.
If you ever do any of these benefits in our area on a Sunday, I'd like to go.

Cheeky said...

BRAVO!!! I lost a dear friend a year ago next month from breast cancer - she was only 38 with 3 young boys. The reason I tell you this is through it all she never lost her fabulous sense of humor. If anything, it got better.

When I get down and feel like "poor me" I remember and find something to laugh about.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

I sure hope that people don't have to have such a "horrifying trip to the edge of the abyss" to be able to laugh beyond control. Tis true that laughter is the best medicine, but I sure do hope people use that medicine even while perfectly healthy! In the same breath, I add; Good for those on that horrifying edge to have the heart to also use that prescription! They have not lost hope if they have not lost laughter!

This brings me to my next point. Even if you choose to not approve this comment to appear on your blog, please make sure to check out my stupid humor personality test. And if you do have the time, please let me know what you think of it! Thanks!
Take care,


Olivia On Air said...

This was so beautiful. My mom just got through cancer. You rock buddy! Just saw you for the 3rd time in Tampa. I am the Catholic Group girl.LOL.

Hoss said...

A friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer not once but twice and it was 2 different cancers years apart. The 2nd time he was given 2 weeks to a month to live. That was in 1990 when we were kids...very sad tragic story right...? Well that was 17 years ago and he's 33 now and cancer free!

Google him or read the article about him on Wikipedia...his name is SEAN SWARNER and he was recently featured on ESPN for being the 1st cancer survivor to climb Mt Everest and he went on to climb all 7 Summits!

Here's a webpage I made about him and the ESPN video can be watched on this page too:

Mazie said...

i like this post.

the times i find i laugh the hardest are when i have been holding on to the most pain or darkness. like that joy was just waiting to explode and bubble over.

i think it's wonderful you did a breast cancer benefit. i love my daddy.