Friday, June 8, 2007

My hometown

I'm on my way to Philadelphia, cradle of Liberty, and hometown of myself, Jack Klugman, and Sylvester Stallone. Need I say more? Don't mess with Philly. I'm performing at "Helium" and looking forward to many great shows, and many great soft pretzels from WaWa. I'll be doing lots of radio shows, where they'll ask me questions about Paris Hilton, waiting for me to trash her.

I think I'll just say "Well, as Saint John of the Cross put it - "It is great wisdom to learn how to live quietly and look at neither the remarks, nor the deeds, nor the lives of others." Those morning zoo guys love stuff like that. Whoo!

Love from Wilson World,


joliecat said...

Hi Tom,

Have fun in your hometown when you go there.

It seems like in Philadelphia the crowd likes to boo a lot at sports events. Not just a few here and there but vicious, loud, long boos. Like when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally beat the Eagles in the playoffs.

Hopefully they don't also boo at comedy shows. Although if they do, you could sharpen your repertoire of comebacks for them!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned Jack Klugman and Sylvester Stallone- but you left out Charles Hallahan, one of the great underrated and under appreciated character actors of the '80s and '90s? Surely you jest!

Dan, your pal from Myspace

Joseph said...

I really miss Wa-wa's. Next time I hit Philly, I'm getting a sandwich and another wa-wa hat or hoodie.

You are totally on about the soft pretzels. If they are fresh, they are amazing. If they are left out for several hours they can also be used as a doorstop.

Pat O'Keeffe said...

Great Show! We can't remember laughing so hard. The classic bits we were looking forward to and lots of new interesting stuff, it was all great. Pat's still laughing about the Surreal Life joke, although he is probably still the only one who got it. We enjoyed making all of our friends feel bad for missing a great entertainer. They had weak excuses like having to get up for work the next day. Lightweights. Thanks for coming to Philly. Next time we'll be bringing a crowd.
Marianne and Pat (The big guy in the Hawaiian shirt)